We unconditionally guarantee that our prices for natural color diamonds are the least expensive anywhere. If you are seriously considering an acquisition of one or more of these earthly treasures, and you can provide us with a bona fide written offer/ confirmation from one or more of our competitors that they can offer you a comparable diamond(s) at a price which is less than ours, we agree to sell you our diamond(s) at our competitors’ price(s), less five percent (5%). We shall not be undersold. 

For the purposes of clarity, a comparable diamond shall be defined as a natural color diamond (non-synthetic) exhibiting similar characteristics (the “4 C’s”), which include color saturation (Fancy Light, Fancy, Fancy Intense, Fancy Deep, or Fancy Vivid), carat weight, cut, and clarity of the natural color diamond(s) that is comparable to that which we are offering, evidenced by a Gemological Institute of America (GIA) Report. 

No two natural color diamonds are exactly alike, however if our competitors’ diamond(s) is/are similar, and the disparity is minor in all aspects to the 4 C’s evidenced by our GIA Report for comparable diamonds, we shall at our sole and unfettered discretion honor our guarantee without debate. 

Our interest is to provide you with the best quality natural color diamonds at the lowest possible price and to capture your business as a client…forever.

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