Natural color diamonds are the most concentrated form of wealth on the planet: we call them earthly treasures. Natural color diamonds have been appreciating at an average annual rate of between 10% to 25% since 1980. If history repeats itself it is anticipated that prices for investment quality natural color diamonds have the potential for further dramatic increases going forward. 

Of every 10,000 carats of brilliant, white flawless diamonds mined (which are themselves extremely valuable), just one (1) carat of color diamonds is found in nature. 

Though natural color diamonds have appreciated historically, we have witnessed price increases for pink diamonds (especially those emanating from the Argyle Mine), to be appreciating even more significantly within the past three years. 

In fact, the prices for all quality natural color diamonds - the yellows, reds, greens and blues (all called fancies) - are showing steady increases.

Why the increases? Simply stated.... demand has outstripped supply. Investors and collectors alike have become even more motivated as buyers because of the economic turmoil which has gripped the world economy. There is virtually no other place to safeguard your disposable income. 

The stock markets have gone from upheaval to buoyancy and many experts believe that a significant correction is probable in the foreseeable future. 

Gold prices, once a haven for the world’s money in times of turmoil, have dropped precipitously, and no one can accurately predict when the bottom will be reached. 

Real estate and housing prices are at an all-time high and many experts opine that the bubble may burst and that prices will fall. 

Even the United States government is trillions of dollars in debt and is printing paper money by the ton. The banks are paying its depositors meager interest rates which don’t even correspond to increases in the consumer price index for goods and services.

As a result, the demand and the prices for quality natural color diamonds have increased in direct proportion to the decrease in the value of traditional investments such as equities, bonds, real estate and bank certificates of deposit. 

Therefore, quality natural color diamonds, especially the pinks, yellows, blues and reds, have always been and will continue to be (now more than ever), a sound and prudent investment. 

Diamonds are portable, marketable and liquid in every corner of the world. You can sell them worldwide, and in our opinion, their value shall increase over the medium to long term. 

During times of war, insurrection and political upheaval, natural color diamonds have always been coveted by investors as a safe-haven and a hedge against inflation. One has only to read the newspaper or watch BBC News or CNN to realize that with international economic uncertainty, terrorism fears, potential inflation or deflation....these times are now. 

As global economies recover from the collapses of the last eight years, during which time the prices of color diamonds have been and continue to be appreciating, they will without question be that much more valuable when the recovery becomes that much stronger. There is no better time in history to make acquisitions of color diamonds.